Is it okay to do "build" with a publish just after upgrading the SDK?

I just updated to SDK 39 and I would like to update my production build to match that.
Unfortunately, I cannot create a build without publishing due to this bug: Build number does not get updated if you build with --no-publish · Issue #2759 · expo/expo-cli · GitHub

If I do a simple build, it will also publish. I am worried that my users that are on the SDK 38 build will receive this OTA update and that it will cause crashes until they update to the latest build.

Is it what is going to happen? If yes, how can I update my build in production safely?

A standalone app built from SDK 38 will only download bundles built from an SDK 38 app. The release channels also need to match.

See also this flowchart:

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Great, thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

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