Is it impossible to make a music player??

Hi, I’m spending a lot of time to make a simple music player, but it’s so hard to know about how to extract music from my phone.

What I want to know is to scan only music files in my phone repository and to make a list made up of them, not to fetch uri one by one.

No matter how I search, I do not see any solution. (no FileSystem, no MediaLibrary, no Assets…)

Is it impossible really with expo??

I want to know the answer, please.

Hi- This isn’t a thing you can do with Expo yet. You could detach and use Expo to build most of the UI and add your own native code for doing this.

You can add a feature request that other people can vote on here:

Sorry this feature isn’t available yet!

Thanks for the reply. I have to look forward to updating the feature someday.

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