is it autolinking not work in expokit?

i created manage workflow in SDK 37 then eject.
i npm install again.

as many document said, that they library would be autolinking by RN > 0.60
But why i still get error about UIManager?
and if i check in there is no any get packages call, is it should be there right because auto linking???

i dont understand, how this work???
still i have to do react-native link???

ok, here what i found.

because i used to work with expokit project, i debug my app with gradlew installDebug. In this work my apps is fails because there is no linking.
then i did a react-native link, code is injected and my apps run ok.

i tried run react-native run-android and this message appear
React Native CLI uses autolinking for native dependencies, but the following modules are linked manually:

we see now, autolinking is ONLY work when we run react-native run-android.

Now my next question,

  1. is it autolinking not inject a scripts to, settings.gradle, and build.gradle???
    because base on my current understanding, it would inject

  2. if autolinking not work with gradlew installDebug, so how if we want build signing release package???
    i used to gradlew bundleRelease to do that.



until now, im not found script injection like react-native link.
So maybe the answer is NO


it works with gradlew bundleRelease.
maybe it has to run react-native run-android once to make it work, im not sure.