Is it a good idea to make the entire application on snack

I am not able to use react or react-native on my computer so ihave been using online IDE to code in react and now i’m learning to make react-native application. May I know what problems would arise if I make entire applications on snack

I don’t think its really smart to make a whole application in a web browser IDE. Why are you unable to use RN on your PC?

hi @mmaaz, making a project in snack is equivalent to making a regular project using the Expo SDK (as far as the code of your project is concerned). If you are developing on a slow network, or if you run into a snack-specific bug, you can press the export to XDE button to develop locally.

if you want to build a standalone app, or make custom modules not available with Expo, you’ll eventually need to bring your project onto your computer. Personally, i’ve made small apps on Snack and its been fine.

I can’t install npm packages, I install node as all tutorial instruct but when i run commands such as

npm install -g create-react-app
it installs to god knows where and since only god knows where it has been installed ,when i run command
create-react-app first-app
it says command is unknown.


-g means its installed Globally. If the command is unknown after that, you’ll have to add it to your Path.

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