Is Expo ideal for my use case?

I have a next.js project, which is also a PWA.

I only need 2 things for my mobile users. ability to have notifications and to be able to have the app on the play/app store.

Im wondering if I can keep my next js codebase and wrap it with Expo so I can have native app and then being able to send notifications(specially IOS)

Hi @imeggcellent

If you do not absolutely require an app on the App/Play stores you could send notifications to the browser. e.g. See these answers for some information on that:

Your users could add your web app as an icon on their phone’s home screen:

The way you describe this, you could have an app that allows a user to identify themselves to your server and otherwise literally just shows a logo and waits for notifications.

This implies that you want the user to be able to use your web app from within the Android/iOS app?

You could create an Expo app with basically a full screen WebView component that loads your web app inside of it.

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Currently IOS doesnt support web push notifications and thats solely the only reason I want to make it native.

Google play accepts TWA which is a wrapper of PWA so I will only have to make it native for IOS. But I dont want to change a lot of my codebase, or change my codebase from next to react native only because of that.

And from what I understand from Expo is more like react native to web and not web to native