Is expo-dev-client a strong substitute for expo go?

I’m finding that expo-dev-client is phenomenal when it comes to testing and building apps because it’s the actual native experience that is going to be delivered to the app stores. So why would someone choose expo go (which is purely web based) when they can use expo-dev-client and get the real feedback from their app?

Expo Go is not web based.
One reason someone might want to use Expo Go is that anyone can use Expo Go and load your app (or other apps) without having to separately install your app from the App/Play stores. But for this to work, your app would need to make use of no native code other than what’s included in the Expo SDK.

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Okay, yeah, that’s what I meant by purely web based in that it can’t include native code. I’m not great at the terminologies just yet :sweat_smile:

So basically, if I understand correct, Expo Go is good to share ideas and what not with others but when it comes to implementing native code that can’t run on Expo Go, or code that is going to get shipped, expo-dev-client would be the way to go. Do I have a better understanding now?

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