Is eas-build.gradle deprecated

When building with eas today i saw that the eas-build.gradle file was deleted and after that when i tried to start the app on an Android emulator i got an error because of this line
apply from: "./eas-build.gradle" in app/build.gradle .
So my question is should i keep the eas-build.gradle file or just delete the mentioned line from app/build.gradle ?

do you have a bare workflow project?

Yes bare workflow, i forgot to mention it.

more context on this change in this pr: refactor build configuration + don't configure Android projects locally by dsokal · Pull Request #888 · expo/eas-cli · GitHub

basically we removed this because it’s not needed locally, we make the necessary change on the eas build worker at build tim

Okay, thank you for the quick response, I will remove the line then.

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