Is bare workflow the same as ejected?

I would like to know whether we can start an expo project as a bare workflow? If we do, is it already considered ejected?
Can we still eject an expo project that started as a bare workflow?


Hi @minoe.zuhlke

Yes, “bare” == “ejected”.

You can either choose the minimal option when running expo init, or you can later run expo eject.

Technically you can run expo eject after creating a bare app. The differences are pretty minor.

If you want to end up with a bare app, I suggest you create the app normally and then run expo eject, since this is similar to what happens during a build with EAS Build. So I believe it’s better tested than expo init --template minimal.

Also, bear in mind that with EAS Build it is often not necessary to eject when in the past you might have been forced to. If you say why you want to eject someone might be able to tell you how to do what you need without ejecting.