iPhone app not launching, reports error message "Unexpected EOF"


I have an app on App Store that was working fine for several weeks, however all of a sudden some users are reporting that the app does not launch. It shows a blank white screen with an error message: Unhandled JS Exception: Unexpected EOF (https://exp.host/@exponent/home/bundle:126). I researched the error message but have not been able to find any info. Thank you!

what sdk version is your app? when was it published? can you give me the username and app slug?

cc @ben - any idea what might be happening?

It sounds like a partial or corrupted JS bundle got cached in a network layer outside our app. Were all of your users reporting the issue using the same wifi network?

My bad was out of the country. Username is glevik@gmail.com, slug its-not-that-deep-release-1. Thanks!

Hi, upon further investigation I could only track down one user experiencing the problem. After deleting the app and re-installing the problem went away. Thanks for your help!

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