IPA generated by Expo too big

Hello! First of all, I’d like to Thank you all for this amazing tool. So, I launched my first app, It’s small and all it uses its the camera and network connection. However, the size of IPA file is very big (43 mb total). I looked the content of the file generated and I noticed there is a file called GoogleMaps.bundle with a total of 2.9mb. Why is this file there if I don’t use it at all?

Here is the content of the IPA file:

0B  Frameworks
4.0K  AppIcon20x20@2x.png
4.0K  AppIcon20x20@3x.png
4.0K  AppIcon29x29@2x.png
4.0K  Base.lproj
4.0K  ComodoCaLimitedRsaCertificationAuthority.der
4.0K  ComodoRsaCA.der
4.0K  ComodoRsaDomainValidationCA.der
4.0K  EXBuildConstants.plist
4.0K  EXSDKVersions.plist
4.0K  EXShell.plist
4.0K  GTMOAuth2ViewTouch.nib
4.0K  PkgInfo
4.0K  api.amplitude.com.der
4.0K  archived-expanded-entitlements.xcent
4.0K  baladapp-comiss-rio.entitlements
4.0K  kernel-manifest.json
4.0K  launch_icon.png
4.0K  lookup.png
4.0K  lookup_soft_elegance_2.png
4.0K  shell-app-manifest.json
8.0K  AppIcon29x29@3x.png
8.0K  AppIcon40x40@2x.png
8.0K  AppIcon76x76~ipad.png
8.0K  Info.plist
8.0K  embedded.mobileprovision
 12K  AppIcon40x40@3x.png
 12K  AppIcon60x60@2x.png
 12K  AppIcon76x76@2x~ipad.png
 16K  AppIcon60x60@3x.png
 16K  AppIcon83.5x83.5@2x~ipad.png
 36K  lookup_amatorka.png
104K  _CodeSignature
128K  lookup_soft_elegance_1.png
156K  Assets.car
200K  lookup_miss_etikate.png
300K  GoogleSignIn.bundle
356K  FacebookSDKStrings.bundle
1.5M  shell-app.bundle
2.2M  kernel.ios.bundle
2.9M  GoogleMaps.bundle
3.0M  launch_background_image.png
294M  ExpoKitApp

The app is 43mb installed on my device, and it’s very simple really. Now why would GoogleMaps.bundle be inside of it If I don’t use it all? Is it part of Expo ?

Hey @otaviogaiao,

This is expected behavior as it gives you freedom to be able to add any of the APIs included with the SDK version your app is built with by means of an OTA update. Meaning that if you wanted to add Location, you could just add the code to your app and publish and you wouldn’t have to resubmit your apps to the respective stores. We are exploring the concept of making it more modular, where you would be able to pick and choose which APIs you want bundled in your application, but for now there isn’t a way to reduce your APK/IPA sizes.




I get it. Thanks @adamjnav!

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