IPA download keeps getting cancelled

I’m having a hard time building a standalone app and downloading the IPA file.

Every time I try to download the IPA file, it keeps failing and I have to keep resuming the download. But it gets stuck around 42.5 MB mark and it never finishes.

It’s not slow. It’s literally not moving.

The builded apps are stored on Amazon S3. You can try rebuild and download another package.
Are you sure your internet connection does not have any limitations in connecting with Amazon?

It’s 100% definitely not the internet connection.

However I did manage to finish downloading the IPA file.

Only problem is, the download got cancelled like 10 times and I had to keep resuming it over and over and over and over again.

Luckily, my Google Chrome browser allows me to resume interrupted downloads.

Well, downloading apps is between you and Amazon.

I see this sometimes too on the IPA file (not the APK). Good Internet connection here.

I generally download using curl, and you can make it retry as follows:

curl -L -C - -o "filename.ipa" "https://url.example.com"

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