IosAuthorizationStatus not available in expo-notifications (v0.3)


This is something related with:

The symbol IosAuthorizationStatus is not exported in expo-notifications (v0.3) but is available on (v0.4) any way to get this update on SDK38?

@notbrent any advice with that? Or in the meantime i need to hardcode the value?

Thanks !!!

Hey @outatime, you can install 0.4 via yarn add expo-notifications@0.4.0 in your project.


thanks @adamjnav, even though the expo upgrade does not update the dependency? It is not entirely clear to me when I can force an update of a unimodule regardless of the version that “knows” the expo upgrade command. (im on managed workflow)

I update manually using yarn add expo-notifications@0.4.0 instead of expo install and im get the following warning:

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