iOS15 Problems when trying to run app

I have built my apps with expo build:ios and the ipa file comes out, yet when i load it on a device that has ios15 it does not work, it says i have to update the app.

What am i missing here?

please refer to iOS 15: Cannot launch enterprise signed application

I went into the same issue with my enterprise apps, and fortunately I’ve managed to fix it. See this stack overflow post.

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I don’t have EAS. I mean I can get it, but I’ve been using expo because it’s free.

@william898 everything seems to be signed correctly , i used the expo build:ios command to build the ipa and load it on device, when i do it, it says it needs to be updated, the code directory is 20400

@bnd10706 It managed to solve it?, I’m facing the same problem.

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