iOS: There was an error with this build :(

Please where can I get more detail informations about iOS: There was an error with this build???
Build ID: 6a2b6b93-9896-42ab-aed9-ad335fe019e3

I have tried building like 10 times :frowning:

hey - sorry its not working :frowning:

does it build correctly as an expo app?

Yeah, it does build as an expo app. It also built as standalone Android app. But standalone ios is not working :frowning:

expo cannot handle situation, when there is an existing iOS distribution certificate (although previously created with expo when submitting my first iOS app and now submitting second app)

I tried providing my own certificate instead of letting expo handle the process but it still fails without any detailed error information :frowning:

Build ID: 2e0d0b9d-34ea-47bf-bf98-e4dd3f979c8b

Where are the logs please? I am really desperate :frowning: