iOS Standalone - Compose MongoDB Crash


We just got approved by the App Store for out app, but we are experiencing an extremely weird bug. This is my second app built with expo and it is the first time that I have seen this type of error.

Screenshot provided of it since it only happens in standalone iOS


We are using as our MongoDB host.

Again this only happens on iOS.


Hey there, I am going to assume you’re referring to the paragraph of white text covering your app in the screenshot. This isn’t something Expo does in any circumstance. I would check and see if any of your third party libraries have any code that would do something like that.

Nevermind. I found out what was happening.

We have a Toast that we use to show any error that comes from the Server and it was printing out a huge error message that was overlapping the toast making it look like an Expo error without the Red or Yellow background freezing the app and making it go crazy!

@ben thanks for the reply. Made me dig deep into our server logs to find the issue.

That’s great that you figured it out!

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