iOS Standalone Build Stuck

My iOS build has been stuck on “Build in progress…” for ~8 hours since 22:00pm (GMT+1). Because of this I have missed my deadline to start testing the app, as well as this I cannot restart the build as this build is still in progress. Is there a way that I can stop this build and I think it is unlikely it will finish.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Build ID: 89389cac-7ed0-4583-8c8e-ed4d5b06677b

Hey there - it looks like the builder had an issue with the credentials you provided. This can happen if you uploaded a bad .p12 file, or if the certificate you provided doesn’t actually exist in the Apple developer portal.

I’ve cleared out your stuck build job. Can you:

  1. Log in to the Apple developer portal and make sure nothing fishy is going on with your certs/profiles?
  2. Try the build again?

I’ve restarted the build with new certificates and that has fixed it. A feature request though, would it be possible to add a command to stop all builds in case anything like this occurs again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Indeed-- It’s on our roadmap and we’d like to find time to add that soon. Sorry about the annoyance.