IOS standalone build requirement

Hi, I am just wondering. If I want to make an IOS standalone app, since it will send all the job of compiling to the server (I think)? Then, do I need to update my XCode etc?
Thanks for everyone interested in answering.

for just building the app using exp:build ios, you don’t need xcode and this will be handled by expo. if you want to test your generated app in a simulator & upload it to test flight for beta users, I believe you will need xcode updated.

there’s a full guide on the process of building standalone apps, but long story short is if you’ve already added the relevant info to your app.json you can get away with not having xcode

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Great! Thanks for confirming my confusion. Yeah, my problem is my mac is quite old and not supporting newest OS so I can’t update the XCode again. This will actually save me some cost first before I am upgrading it later. Thanks @samee :blush: