iOS Standalone App w/out supplying apple credentials

We’d like to be able to get all the benefits of expo without an ejected app, and still have it standalone. Wondering if there is a cheatsheet for the signing and building of a standalone ios app. The documentation here, Expo Standalone, requires supplying your apple id and password which is not really an option for us. Any starter tips would be helpful.

This looks helpful…
Expo Mobile App Source

Hi @myelscaley,

Currently our standalone app builders require your Apple credentials, which are transported securely. You could detach to ExpoKit and build the Xcode project yourself.

That said, we totally hear you that you might want to keep your credentials on your side, so we’ve been thinking about changing exp to ask for your credentials locally (and have 2FA support), get your certificates from Apple directly, and send the certificates to the Expo standalone app builders.

Thanks @ide. We will use the ExpoKit route for now. My understanding is that we still get most of the benefits, however, OTA will break if we create anything native that is not in expo (w/out re-downloading a new itunes binary). Also push notifications will need to manually handled. I will dig into that a bit tomorrow.

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Hello there. Even if expo will claim that credentials are only used locally (as it mentioned in documentation) it is still huge trust issue to give your AppleID password to 3rd party software. Why is it impossible to change flow so that just p12/mobileprovision files are to be provided?

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I hope the previous question would be given a courtesy of an answer.
Expo is a great set of tools, but I do not trust anybody with AppleID password except for Apple itself.

We understand being apprehensive and cautious of supplying your Apple credentials, but we currently have no plans on implementing a change where said credentials are not necessary.

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