iOS Signing Ceritificate issue

I have ejected from the managed workflow and I’m in the process of distributing my app for internal testing.
I can create apk and aab files for Android but I’m having problems generating ipa files for iOS. Specifically when I open my project in xcode I see an error in the Signing and Capabilities screen saying that “Your account already has a signing certificate for this machine but it is not present in your keychain.” Clicking on the “revoke” button doesn’t solve the problem.
I have checked the “automatically manage signing” option to allow xcode to update certificates

Using the expo managed workflow - and letting expo manage my credentials for me - I successfully generated an .ipa file before.

Has anyone had the same issue before? Do I need to remove the credentials that were generated by expo on my apple developer account?
Please note that I’m using expo for push notifications so I’m not sure if removing the existing credentials will have an impact on sending notifications to iOS devices.