iOS Push Notifications working for Developer Account owner and not TestFlight users

  1. SDK Version: 33.0.0
  2. Platforms(ios/android/both): iOS

Hi, I’m currently working on implementing push notifications in Expo iOS. The Expo push service works for my device (the owner of the developer account) but not for my TestFlight users.

Checking receipts of sent push notifications, I can see that my TestFlight users’ requests return ‘BadDeviceToken’, however with my device, they return ‘OK’ responses.

I am generating a new Expo token each time the user opens our app, and can see that the Expo token is correct each time.

I’m starting to believe its an issue on Apple’s side with AppStore Connect or Apple Developer Certificates. Can anyone help me out here?


We are having the same issues with one of our devices. All the other devices are ok ?
Did you find anything about this issue ?

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