IOS push notification

I have some detached project, where I use ExpoKit.

I can build ios application and send it to appleconnect, but sometimes, on function (in JS) *Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync()*
i’ve got some crash:

0x000000010462c4cc -[EXRemoteNotificationManager rejectPendingAPNSTokenHandlers] + 24 (EXRemoteNotificationManager.m:73)
4   app                 	0x000000010462cd14 __81-[EXRemoteNotificationManager getExpoPushTokenForScopedModule:completionHandler:]_block_invoke_2 + 516 (EXRemoteNotificationManager.m:186)
5   app                  	0x000000010462d490 __87-[EXRemoteNotificationManager _canRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithCompletionHandler:]_block_invoke + 136 (EXRemoteNotificationManager.m:233)

I also use askPermission, and include capability Push notifications to my build.
In android this works perfectly.

Xcode: 11.4
ExpoKit: 36.0.1