iOS Pedometer error, broader Pedometer issues.

I’m having trouble getting the Pedometer from expo (or I’ve tried expo-sensors as well) working on ios. I have it working on an Android, but testing on an iPhone gives the error ‘An error occurred while querying pedometer data’.

I’m currently exporting from Expo but using the expo-sensors version of the Pedometer doesn’t help when I tested it, as then both iOS and Android do not query correctly. It tells me Android does not yet take dates as arguments and I get the same error for iOS. And it does not work on either of the emulators on the Expo docs page either.

If there’s something that’s changed could you let me know? I’m using the same syntax as before/as in the docs/below. I’m going to keep looking for a solution.

Pedometer.getStepCountAsync(start, end).then(
result => {
this.setState({ pastStepCount: result.steps });

It may be relevant that the iphone I am using for testing is old, using iOS version 10.3.3

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