IOS- Not prompting permission for location

After providing the infoPlist in app.json, on ios the permission is not prompting anymore, even with the location turned on, it does not show the prompt asking the permissions. Tried all the options to make this prompt. Anyone can help me?

This is the info i put on app.json:

“infoPlist”: {
“NSLocationWhenInUsageDescription” : “Testing message changes”,
“NSCameraUsageDescription” : “Testing message changes”
} ,

Hey @lucasfls - this is just a limitation of the iOS platform. Unlike Android, iOS will only show the permissions prompt once per app (per permission) and the only way to change it after that is to go to Settings and toggle it manually.

If you want to test that your message changed, you will need to uninstall the app from the device and then reinstall the new version. You should see the permissions prompt again after doing that.

Hope this helps!

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