iOS navigate between Apps

Hello, does any one know some modules, to help me navigate between iOS apps?

I find a react-native module called “react-native-minimizer” based on NativeModules.Minimizer, it contains a method called “goBack”, which could automatic navigate current app to previous app (maybe a browser or others). But it can’t be used by expo eas-build iOS app.

This is a situation of my usage:

  1. Opened a chrome page, this page need my iOS app to login, it provides a deeplink to App

  2. I clicked on the deeplink, then navigated to app, it appears a “<chrome” on left-top of the screen

  3. After I complete the auth operation on app, I need to automatic navigate back to chrome, but now, I don’t have some modules to use, and have to click on left-top “<chrome” to naviage back.