iOS loosing SecureStore information after updating to EAS build

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  1. SDK Version: 45
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
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The last published version of the app was built with expo build.
Now we are building with eas build. The app works ok, it just starts with an empty secure store.
We have added the entitlements: { keychain-access-groups" etc } prop and then the metadata was complete, BUT the name of the project changed.
I was and now it’s

Could this name change cause the app not to be able to access the secure store?


Hi @dhcmega,

I’d suggest trying this solution that was answered a while back in a similar GitHub issue.

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Hi @amanhimself Thanks getting back to me. I have already added the entitlements, as I have stated in mi original post.

If you have any other hint, it will be welcome!


My bad, I didn’t see that.

As you mentioned, the project name changed. Has the bundle identifier also changed with that?

no, the bundle is the same.
if the bundle changes, it will loose access to previous stored data in both, iphone and android for sure.

Yeah, that’s why I asked. I just wanted to confirm. Let me bring this up internally and get back to you.

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hi! any update on this? thanks!

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