iOS ImagePicker allowsEditing moving focus a bit on select

Hey all,

Ive noticed that the images picked using the ImagePicker using the allowsEditing option is actually a bit off.

Snack for demonstration here

If I pick the portraitmode waterfall stock image, and resize it so the top is just above the topmost rocks on the right side, and seperate the cut-in in the middle in the bottom, I notice that the resulting image actually includes some space above the top and cuts off similar space from the bottom.

Images with some annotations for illustration, I hope it makes sense:

Why is this? It’s very confusing as a user (and programmer for that matter :wink: ). Any way to disable it or remedy it?

I think it works fine on Android, but the example is fidgy on the Android for some reason - the image disappears almost instantly after having been added.

Not sure if this should be a github bug report. If so, please let me know and I’ll gladly put it up. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting the bug report on GitHub, and sorry for the confusion.