iOS Filesystem.documentDirectory changes when switching between TestFlight and AppStore

Hi, I’m noticing that when I switch between the TestFlight and App Store versions of my app, the Filesystem.documentDirectory changes, so I can’t read the data I had stored. Even if I switch from App Store -> TestFlight -> App Store, I can’t read the data that was originally saved in the App Store version. I’m storing the full file:// urls in the AsyncStorage, which is actually shared just fine between TestFlight and App Store versions. So the URLs become invalid after switching versions. Is this expected?

I could also try accessing the same file name within the new documentDirectory, should I expect that will give access to the files?

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Hey @seveneightn9ne,

Thanks for the report on this. Would you mind creating a github issue for this with a reproducible example with your implementation of the code?


Will do, thanks.

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