iOS Entitlements Overwritten

  • Managed Workflow
  • eas-cli 0.48.2

When building for multiple targets, I get the following error:

» ios: paths-entitlements: Found multiple *.entitlements file paths, using "ios/OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension/OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension.entitlements". Ignored paths: ["ios/PROJECT/PROJECT.entitlements"]

When I inspect the project.pbxproj file, it seems that both targets are identified. How can I ensure that the entitlements are applied to the correct target without being overwritten?

I’ll link a couple relevant issues here:

Issue 793 appears to have been closed, but I am on the most recent version of eas, and am still getting this error.

I am facing this issue as well. Was it resolved?

It was solved through an update to EAS and the OneSignal config plugin.

Make sure you use the most recent eas-cli and onesignal-expo plugin.

If you still have trouble, try moving the config plugin to the first one in the plugins array.