iOS enterprise build failed

Build ID: 6352fcca-c8e2-4aef-a4ba-d1eab15e0565

I am trying to build for an enterprise account but the build is failing. I provide my own certs and credentials with no luck. I have previously had success with this but it appears that fastlane is exiting with status: 139.

Would anyone be able to help me take a look?


same here, build: bf8530e0-56f8-49fc-82ff-6f628ec297ab

did you solve it?

Not solved yet. I have not had a chance to work on it.

Good to know I am not alone!

i was against time so finally i detach the app and compile myself

did you find any fix or workaround?

Thanks for reporting, and sorry you had to fall back to building yourself.
We are currently investigating the issue, and you can follow our progress here:

@thetc Thanks for your work on this. It is very appreciated. This is not currently blocking us but I will continue to follow the discussion and try to contribute where I can.

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