IOS - EAS submit - Error: No suitable application records were found.

I’m trying to submit an IOS update to my app which has been working no problem for the past 6 months, the build goes fine but the submit is returning

Error: No suitable application records were found.

My suspicion is around this part of the message asking to verify my bundle identifier ‘’
but my actual bundle identified in expo and my app are both ‘com.DiveGo’ so I don’t know where its picking up the other one

Expo-CLI 6.3.2

As far as i know i haven’t made any changes out of the ordinary from how i usually submit an update so I’m very confused and any help would be a life saver

you should verify that your app is configured as you expect. if it’s a bare project, look in the ios directory and at the xocde project. if it’s not, then look in your app config (app.config.js / app.json). these are the only places where eas submit would look, so it’s misconfigured in one of those places in your project.

one easy way to do this is to search your project for the bundle id string and see where it’s used

Hi brents

yes sorry im on react-native so its the app,json but the situation is still murky, in my app.json its
“bundleIdentifier”: “com.DiveGo”

App store connect its
Bundle ID

But EAS submit is failing with
Error: No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier ‘’ is correct and that you are signed into Xcode with an Apple ID that has access to the app in App Store Connect. App Store operation failed. (1190)

Based on what you have written, the result EAS is giving me makes no sense?
do you have any other ideas?

do you have an ios directory in your project? this may have been generated when you run npx expo run:ios or npx expo prebuild for example.

again, you should search your project directory for to see where this is coming from

OMG thank you brents!
I have been having nothing but issues with my latest updates and yes i did do expo run:ios and that was my issue, finally one submission sorted, now for the 2 day wait for new keys with google for the android one

Thanks again you have spared me one nervous breakdown (joking)

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