iOS development without Xcode?

Hi Everyone!
We are planning to create an app for both platform, and expo seems to be the perfect solution, since we have mostly JS experience, no swift/java. But currently we are all Windows users in our team, so the iOS version testing seems to be impossible. It is possible (theorically)to write the whole app in JS, without xcode, but practically? Lets assume the app not requre any native code, so apart from that, do we Xcode for anything? Can We test the production-ready app on real device somehow, or better if we get a mac for this?

Hey @abusalem,

You could write and test an iOS app on a physical device without needing a Mac/Xcode, but eventually when you want to upload your .IPA file to AppStore Connect to get it into the App Store, you’ll need to get your hands on a Mac to do so.



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