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  1. SDK Version: 46.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
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The app store has turned down our submission because of the default camera permissions. I set

“plugins”: [
“photosPermission”: " my verbiage"
“cameraPermission”: “my verbiage”

and this is not working. Any clues on why?

The plugin property is working correctly because this property -

      "ios": {
        "deploymentTarget": "13.0"

is being recognized.

I had a look in the info.plist and these properties are not being set.

Hi @pelicaneng,

The properties you set the permissions for are being set in the info.plist you shared. See Privacy - Camera Usage Description and Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description fields and their values. It seems both fields have custom values because the unmodified/default value for these fields are: Allow $(PRODUCT_NAME) to access your camera, etc.

Hi @pelicaneng

One thing to bear in mind: If you have an ios directory you’re basically on the “bare” workflow.

If you have not made your own changes to the native project in ios, you could run npx expo prebuild --clean -p ios to regenerate the ios directory. This should update Info.plist based on the values in app.json.

If you did not intend to be on the Bare workflow, you should remove the android and ios directories, or else add them to .gitignore.


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