iOS builds broken?

I noticed in the past week that the iOS builds were only taking 1-2 minutes as opposed to 14 minutes like before. Occasionally, when I open these builds on my iPhone I get an “Unhandled JS Exception: Could not get BatchedBridge, make sure your bundle is package correctly.” It looks like some kind of caching/corruption has occurred in the iOS build servers for our app.

@adamjnav @ben Can someone please look into the iOS build issues for com.trinet.mobilev7 and com.trinet.hrpmobile? Both of these stopped working correctly today after 6PM PST.


Just built an iOS app, uploaded it to TestFlight with no problems, and I’m getting the same “Unhandled JS Exception: Could not get BatchedBridge” error.

Same with a -t simulator build.

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I tried downgrading expo-cli, using different certificates, and building the app on different accounts but I keep getting the same issues on iOS only for Standalone builds.

Similar issue on iOS standalone build on TestFlight I get this error when I run my app. Close it and then reopen it

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Also running into this. There are several Github issues filed already as well:

I think it’s they online builder’s error

The error is fixed

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