Ios build with expo can not load icons

Today my app has been published on apple’s app store. App’s icons are from popular icon packs such as ionicons or material-design. The app is also on the google’s play store and there is no problem with icons on that platform. There are also no problem when I run the app with the simulator from expo app, but when I run the published version that I downloaded from app store none of the icons can be displayed. Every icon is replaced with a question mark. What am I doing wrong?

Hi! Did you recently update SDKs? This was an issue but has since been fixed (simply upgrade to expo@34.0.3)

I upgraded expo cli 4 days ago and then built ipa and apk files. That wasn’t fixed in the last 2 days right?

You would have to upgrade your expo version in your project, not your expo-cli version

thanks for your help, much appreciated

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