iOS Build with AdHoc Provisioning Profile fails

Hi there,

I am trying to build my app for iOS using an AdHoc Provisioning Profile since I only want to give the app out to some beta-testers. I believe I downloaded all the necessary and correct files, I provided the .p12 file and my .mobileprovision file using

exp build:ios -c

but the build fails (build ID is c9d9f2c4-6734-4e9e-b304-c711d0305490).

Can anyone help me on this?


Hey @johannalatt,

Ad Hoc provisioning files are commonly not necessary any more due to TestFlight. You mention only wanting to distribute to a select group for beta testing. TestFlight allows you to do so. My recommendation would be to use a standard provisioning file and use TestFlight and invite your desired testers via TF.



Hi Adam,

got it, thank you, I will look into that!

Is Expo generally not supporting building apps using AdHoc profiles anymore though or have I used the wrong certificates for my build process?

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