iOS build There was an error with this build

Hello, I am using exp build:ios and running exp build:status gives me an error.

iOS: There was an error with this build.

  • Credentials valid

  • Distribution certificate setup complete

  • Push certificate setup complete

  • Build ID: 07136a9e-c33d-4491-aae2-4b5d047ebdaf

I waited about 45 minutes after my conversation at the slack channel, the build however is giving me the error status. How can I see the iOS build error logs and fix it.

The android builds work absolutely fine for me.

Same issue here. Could anyone please confirm for the following build id as well.

build id: 1e998d3e-8c9a-43d6-b77c-66560e1cb8e8

hi @rishabhbhatia, the error in our build logs is : Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 11): Error: iOS icons must be square, the dimensions of AppIcon83.5x83.5@2x~ipad.png are 144,167

hi @majamis, I looked up your build in our logs, and we are getting:
Error: Unable to render destination image
<CGColor 0x7fac7e50a800> [<CGColorSpace 0x7fac7e5044a0> (kCGColorSpaceDeviceRGB)] ( 0 0 0 1 )

This will likely be fixed if you change your png to 8bit sRBG. Someone had a similar problem here and linked some helpful solutions Error: build ios app . Let me know if that works for you!

@quinlanj Hello Quin, thank you. Is there a way for me to monitor the logs myself so I am aware what to fix.