IOS Build Problem , Error while gathering & validating credentials

My ios build is getting failed after -c command , now always iam getting this error “Error while gathering & validating credentials”

I can acess my apple account with these credetials

Do you have more information that could reveal the root cause of the error? From this error message it’s difficult to tell what could be going on.

This the additional info

[10:15:31] Error while gathering & validating credentials
[10:15:31] [object Object]
[10:15:31] undefined
[10:15:31] undefined

Hmmmm… hard to tell what’s going on.

Can you try two more things?
(1) Can you make sure you are using the latest version of exp. By doing npm update -g exp?

And (2) can you run the process with the EXPO_DEBUG=true in front of your command to set that environment variable so it will spit out more debugging info?

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