iOS build issues

we currently try to build an update for a standalone expo app.
Regarding to this we’ve two questions.
This app is already in production.

For the iOS builds till now I always specified that expo should handle the certificate stuff.
Now I get following errors regarding distribution/push and provisioning profiles.

You already have a current … certificate

I tried to revoke all distribution certificates & provisioning profiles but I’m not sure if I can revoke the push one.
Does this affect the version currently in production?

I also added the newly required Facebook details in the app.json regarding to this article:
Breaking Change: Facebook App ID required to enable Facebook libraries in Expo SDK
The article states that this is needed for all expo sdks. We use SDK 21 atm. But I get following errors.
Do I’ve to update to a later SDK to be able to still use FB login or can I ignore the error and build anyway?

Error: Problems validating fields in app.json. See
[exp] • should NOT have additional property ‘facebookAppId’.
[exp] • should NOT have additional property ‘facebookDisplayName’.


Sorry about this!

Regarding the certificate things. Did you get any warnings printed out to you? Like We do not have some...

(I suspect an issue is a switch over to assuming that your machine provides the teamID rather than ours)

Two plans of attack: (be sure to be on latest version of exp).
You can delete your two certs & provisioning profile from and then run exp build:ios -c and let it create all certs again. With regards to the push one: see this comment: Build for iOS suddenly prompting for credentials

Or you can run exp build:ios -c and provide the files from the result of exp fetch:ios:certs.

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@edgar Thanks for the the help and the information.
I again revoked all the certificates/profiles (including the push one) and now the certificate step of the build worked. :+1:

Now it fails at the publish step because of the additional facebook properties I mentioned above.
I think I’ve to upgrade to the latest SDK tomorrow.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

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