ios build failing: compiling for iOS 10.0, but module 'OpenLogin' has a minimum deployment target of iOS 12.0

Hello, my ios build is failing in Fastlane when I run eas build --platform ios.

I am using a managed workflow, with eas-cli v0.51.0

The issue seems to be that one of the packages I am using has a minimum deployment target of ios 12.0, but I am compiling for ios 10.0.

This is my first mobile app which I am attempting to build, so I was wondering if anyone could direct me on how to configure my target deployment ios version, so that my build will not fail.


In a managed workflow project, you can use a config plugin to adjust the deployment target. You can find an example of such a plugin here.

You can refer to the config plugins documentation on how to use config plugins in your project.