IOS Build - Error on Prepare project phase - managed workflow

On managed workflow , I’m try to run the build fo IOS process and I face this problem →

[stderr] .editorconfig: Failed to restore metadata

what os are you using?
what filesystem are you using?
is there sth special about .editorconfig file?
What are the permissions/owner of this file?

I’m using Mac Monterey , I deleted the .editorconfig and ran again now the error is on .eslintrc …

Have any ideia ?

eas build will create a tarball of your project when uploading it. it will then extract that tarball during the “Prepare project” phase. you can see the code responsible for that here:

here’s what seems to be a related issue: tar errors out with failed to restore metadata · Issue #934 · darlinghq/darling · GitHub

try running xattr .eslintrc.js in your project and then share the output here. also run xattr -r . in your project to see all macos extended attributes, and share the output here. after that, back up your project directory and if you’re feeling bold you can run xattr -rc . inside of your project to clear all extended attributes and then try building again.