ios app unable to start in airplane mode with sdk27

Recently upgraded a detached expokit project to sdk 27 and the app will not start when the device is in airplane mode mode. The app just sits on the splash screen until force closed, even after airplane mode is turned off. Seems to only affect ios, as the android app still starts while in airplane mode.

I built the ipa after running exp publish, so a shell-app bundle and manifest are included. Even after an initial app start with network on, exiting and restarting in airplane mode still gets stuck on the splash screen. I have my manifest declared with the following:

"updates": {
      "checkAutomatically": "ON_LOAD",
      "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 0

it looks like the fallbackToCacheTimeout is being ignored, because if I change checkAutomatically to ON_ERROR_RECOVERY and manually call Expo.Updates.fetchUpdateAsync(); on app load, the behavior Iā€™m looking for is achieved (minimize app load time while still being up to date by next app relaunch, network permitting)

Hi @alxyuu1 ā€“ thanks for the report. This sounds like a bug. I will look into it as soon as I can ā€“ could you help out by filing a github issue about it?

gotchu fam

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