iOS App Store Icon Auto-upload

Should ‘exp build:ios’ automatically set the icon in the App Store listing? The notes in iTunes Connect say

This icon will be used on the App Store. For apps built with Xcode 9 or later, add this icon in the build. For apps built with earlier versions of Xcode, add the icon here.

I seem to have to manually upload them in iTunes Connect, they look like this by default:


Yes, exp build:ios should automatically bundle your icon given in app.json with your binary.

Thanks for the clarification. It hasn’t worked for me with multiple different Expo apps. The icon does appear in the TestFlight build list page but not in the main app store listing icon.

Has anyone experienced this, are there any reasons why the app store icon might be excluded from the build?

That sounds like an issue I haven’t seen before. Can you send me a build id from exp build:ios where the resulting ipa of that build exhibited this behavior?

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Hi @mlight
We didn’t change anything about icons recently…

Where exactly did you see that message you posted? Could you show an anonymized screenshot with it? Also could you paste (or DM to me) your build id?

Try these steps:
Select your app, click on the left side menu “prepare for submission”, select a build above the icon preview and click “save” button (no need to submit app). The icon shows up for me.


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