iOS App Store build is built but blocked on Status : Queued

=> Managed workflow
=> eas-cli v2.1.0

Using the command line “eas build --platform=ios --profile=production --no-wait”, I launched a build for iOS.
This one was building normally until the very end => all building steps are checked as valid (last one is “upload application archive”, valid as well), but the build is blocked “Status: Queued” for 1 hour now.
It seems that the build is ok and ready, but it’s blocked somewhere, and I can’t download the .ipa file.
I try to rebuild one time, but I’m having the same issue.

Do I have to wait more ? Is there a problem with building on iOS a the moment ?

Same here,
my build was already successfully finished 1 hour ago (all build tasks done with green), but the build status was still Status: Queued (Priority Queue)

Same, I can’t access my completed builds. Last successful build has been ready for half an hour, can’t download.

Same here, currently seem to have 4 builds stuck in “limbo”; all the steps executed successfully but they are still “queued” and not downloadable.

Same. I’ve tried cancelling and restarting multiple times, with the same result. Seems the build proceeds immediately upon submitting, but it also remains in an active queue status that never ends.

Same here, it also stuck on Android builds.

I tried eas build:list but the Artifact is <in progress> although the uploading the artifact seems to be finied in the logs.

They’re on it: Discord

Looks to be fixed now.

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I also encountered the same problem, not only in ios, but also in android building.

this is resolved now, please refer to any build page where you saw this previously and it should be in the correct state. share a link to the page otherwise, thanks!

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