iOS app rejected due to Google Play references

We’ve recently switched our working app to SDK 37, upon making a new build we are getting rejected by Apple App Store with following explanation:

Guideline 2.3.10 - Performance - Accurate Metadata
We noticed that your app or its metadata includes irrelevant third-party platform information.
Specifically, your app includes Google Play references in the binary.

Apart from upgrade we did not add anything that would cause this to best of our knowledge.

Anyone has any clues as to what might cause this?

you could try asking for more information, you might want to make sure that you don’t mention android or google play store anywhere in your app code. yes, apple is that petty.

Thing is we have no references of Google Play (as they say) anywhere in our JS code.

perhaps there is something in a package that you are using from npm.

we haven’t heard any other reports of this yet and there was no issue in submitting the expo client, which includes the same libraries as your standalone app. again you should ask apple for more information

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