iOS: Add UDID to publishing profile somehow?

Hi – I realize that I can upload the IPA to the iTunes Connect site and go through the process of using TestFlight etc … but (as I do not use a Mac), would greatly prefer to use HockeyApp. Unfortunately, that means I need to build the IPA with a publishing profile that includes the needed UDIDs for my testers. Anyway to do this in exp?

Any other ways that one can use HockeyApp or another app that allows me to test the real, live IPA on live devices without using TestFlight?

Unfortunately we don’t yet support ad hoc builds in our standalone app builder. TestFlight is the only supported method at the moment.

Hi, I know this post is old now, but I just want to comment that adhoc builds are supported now.
I dont have a mac, so I’m making standalone builds providing my own certificates and a proper provissioning profile file that includes the UDIDs of my phisical test phones, and doing so I’m being able to generate the .ipa and to run it in my phone.

For those who are looking how to generate the certifiates and get the IPA without a mac, check this link: