Invoke expo app from background

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS):
  3. Deeplinking, Notification Background, Invoke.
    the goal is to open a page in the app when I get a notification.
    in expo it works with Deeplinking in the foreground but not in the background.

my code {
const NOTIFICATION_TASK_NAME = ‘background-notification-task’;

TaskManager.defineTask(NOTIFICATION_TASK_NAME, async ({data, error}) => {

    if (error) {
        // Error occurred - check `error.message` for more details.
    if (data) {
        Toast('got notif on background')// it Works
    const redirectUrl = Linking.createURL('FullScreenNotif', {
            queryParams: {id},





I found react-native-invoke (react-native-invoke-app - npm) which does what I want but I have to eject my app(works only in Android)

is there a way to do this in expo without ejecting my application

SDK 43 is too buggy, use 44

i tried to upgrade with no luck

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