Introducing the Tao Te Ching Daily!

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This one’s special since it’s a subject that’s resonated with me for a while: non-duality. ⁣

Some context on the app: The Tao Te Ching is a collection of verses that were written over 2500 years ago by Lao Tzu, a Chinese sage. Its message resonates so deeply that it’s now one of the most translated texts of all time. ⁣

However, many first-time readers often find the verses confusing, and so I wanted to build a medium where you can consume a bit at a time, and be nudged through regular reminders.⁣


Things Expo was amazing for:

  • Fast setup: I didn’t have to spend any time on setup & configuration – it just worked
  • Push notifications: Super easy to implement via Expo
  • Over the air updates: No waiting on the app store for smaller updates
  • Release channels are ah-mazing!: My plan is to build a series of similar apps to target different niches. With a combination of release channels & varying app.json config files, I can now ship a different app a day!

Product & Engineering lessons learnt:⁣

  • Good: Everything is doable if you’re stubborn enough⁣ :wink:
  • Good: Product decisions are much better when you bridge disciplines⁣
  • Good: The increased ownership & skill-bridging reflects in the final product quality⁣
  • Good: When the feedback loop kicks in (customers paying money, appreciation), it’s amazing!⁣
  • Good: The tech abstractions are adding up, and it’s easier today to build things with small teams than ever before (the stack I used: Expo, React Native, AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudwatch, Pinpoint; Airtable for the backend)⁣
  • Bad: Build where demand exists. It’s easier than getting demand to come to you⁣
  • Bad: Check & test distribution before building (the lesson sinks in much better by doing than by reading theory.)⁣
  • Bad: Prices tend to go to zero in markets with zero-marginal-cost of product creation & equal access to distribution⁣

@Expo team: Thank you so much building Expo!

I’m at or (Feel free to reach out :))

Other variants: The Ramana Maharishi app

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