Introducing my self


I’m Esther and am just trying React native for the first time. I hope to learn fast and meet new friends here.

Really happy to join this community!

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Hi Esther! Excited for you to start using React Native and Expo, and joining the community!

If you haven’t yet, check out our Up and Running Guide to get started with an Expo project really quick! Or (even easier) start coding up a Snack

Any questions you have, feel free to post here on our forums :slight_smile:


I have started and am having some issues running it on my device.
App is not showing on my device.

ERROR: Something went wrong.
could not load exp:// Network response timed out.

This solution should help you out! Remember to always research/google your error message :+1:

Done ! and it worked

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A lot of everything connected to the details are found here. It is better to work overall