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Hello, I am learning about how to create app for android and IOS, I have seen in android studio, that you can create an interface with drag and drop (buttons, labels, etc…) on src/layouts/…XML. I did create an app with expo and the tutorial, and I modify app.js and is correct in my celphone, but I need to know if after that, I create a project with expo, can I use drag and drop or everything is with code? Exist drag and drop like netbeans for the interface, position, methods?


Unfortunately you can’t use that functionality in Android Studio to create interfaces for an Expo app (although I suppose you could for a hybrid app, but that’s not something I’ve tried and might not be a good way to go for someone who is just starting out.)

Maybe something like this is what you’re looking for?

Hello, thanks for the answer, I am using expo and editing the .js archives manually, it’s so hard because I was accustomed to use netbeans or eclipse (drag and drop), I want to create an app like a social network for Android and IOS but I am alone without work group, could you recommend me, continue with expo or with Draftbit?

If expo is the better way, I will continue learning.

Thanks a lot

Draftbit builds on top of Expo/React Native. Draftbit just tries to make it easier to build an interface for an Expo/React Native app.

I think Draftbit is not free, though.

Thank you very much wodin, regards

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