Intel based macs and expo bare future discussion

Hi I use a hackintosh laptop for using ios simulator and expo bare projects.
Since apple is moving to ARM based cpus the hackintoshing will be history in a few years.

Now I worry what happens next for people like us who can’t afford or don’t want to use apple products.Or can’t afford new ones and have old intel based macs.

I found a new topic about expo building xcode apps online it was called something like eso and this command ‘eso build’ for example would build a normal non expo react native app online.So that could be great to use on an old mac and still build to the latest ios versions by it.

But I can’t find the topic about it anymore.
Please provide me a link.

And also I know we can use snack but it’s online it doesn’t have my ide features.
Can snack be integerated with ide?And only be used as a simulator?
Also snack doesn’t support all device features I think.
Does it support all simulator features though?